Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At what cost?

Only Media Producers, intent for bad or scary news to report, and terrorists, hiding in caves or within their government offices, could call this sort of thing a "success" for Lebanese people. Will anyone ever learn to see what really happened here? Nothing good... but as long as someone always declares victory, I guess no one will ever have a lasting peace.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The effectivness of hypocrites

What kind of world is this when citizens of a nation love a group of people who shoot missles at others, hoping to kill kids and old people, kidnap and kill soldiers unprovoked, and hide behind the children of those they are "standing up for"? What's worse, what kind of world is this when the country being hit with missles aimed at their old and young all the time (pre and post invasion) are blamed when they fight back, and accidentally (key word!) kill civilians of the other nation when trying to kill the militants who hide behind them... (keep in mind, it's likely these militants made the citizens stay in the danger zone and "shield them")

Israel could have flattened any town/city is south Lebanon before any western or arab nation even knew what was happening, but they are trying to kill as few civilians as possible as they fight to kill stupid, ignorant idiots who care more about "standing up to israel" than they do about their own families, futures, or lives.

Citizens in Lebanon need to stop blaming Israel for trying to destroy this militia group. They should realize that if you let something militant grow in your country, you need to take responsibility for it - either by marching against it yourself or watching another country march against it. You cannot let a group live in your country, kill people in another country, have a parade in the street when it happens (or let your friends have a parade in the street), and then expect everything to be OK. If you march against this group and they try to kill you, then you know they are not interested in your safety afterall, and you should work twice as hard to get rid of them.

Personally, I think Israel should leave the Middle East... if you lived in a town of ignorant idiots who shot their hunting rifle at you everyday, wouldn't you want to put your house up for sale? Let them kill each other after you leave - from "Enemies of Israel" to "Enemies of the Shia" or "Sunni" or whatever other group is out there... good riddance.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

All those terms...


"A number of integrated circuits designed to perform one or more related functions. For example, one chipset may provide the basic functions of a modem while another provides the CPU functions for a computer. Newer chipsets generally include functions provided by two or more older chipsets. In some cases, older chipsets that required two or more physical chips can be replaced with a chipset on one chip."

I often forget a lot of terms and definitions that I learned before... especially in the IT world... this one was "Chipset". I knew what it was, generally speaking, but with the latest news of AMD buying ATI (yes, this is important for you too), I wanted to know exaclty what was going on.

I actually think this could be a bad thing for AMD, as an annoyed NVidea could end up moving to the Intel side of life. If NVidea wanted to punish AMD for buying and therefore teaming up with their competitor, all they had to do would be to make a minor change in their Chipset configurations, and BAM! AMD would suffer major setbacks (yes, you do find this interesting!!!)