Saturday, May 17, 2008

Earthquake aid~

Huge earthquake in South China. I didn't even notice it, but I guess the buildings shook even in Beijing (I guess after two years in Taiwan, I was a bit numb to that :-D)

A lot of people hurt, it was a huge quake. I will be send money soon - you can check it out at here.

One note, it's amazing to me how no one is critical of the government here, despite the terrible damage that was done here - more than New Orleans and hurrican Katrina by FAR.

A lot of nationalism I think, perhaps some shock, and maybe expectations as well.

But it made me realize, compared to the rest of the world, the response from the US Government and Churches in the United States, while slow, was still better than anyone would ever get in China.

The Chinese government is now asking for money so they can buy hammers and equipment! Can you imagine if that happened in the US?

We really do have it good there.

Oh well, just a thought.

On a side note, I have heard that one reason many of the buildings have fallen, besides the fact that the hurricane was MASSIVE, is because many these building might not have been
built according to building codes. Corruption is common outside of the US afterall.

I can't see this blog now, blocked again, but if I can ever see it again I will be curious to see what people think.