Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sometimes in your life you have those moments... when everything is turned upside down... right is wrong, left is right... everything you let yourself believe changes cruely and unfairly. Sometimes it happens over and over and over... some people get more of this than they deserve - others are allowed the pleasure of avoiding it.

In the end, what is there for someone to do? After awhile, what's the point of trying over and over again. Maybe the real peace comes in accepting emptiness - accepting the ever-changing and unfair situation that will always repeat and repeat and repeat.

Sometimes the best way to defeat a problem is to get up, dust the pebbles and dirt off - once again, and accept the fact that the world truly is as cruel and dark as it seems. And that it will most likely never change... it's not worth working at. That is the manner of things.

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