Friday, December 29, 2006

Mooo ( x 2 )

I was shocked to read on the BBC today that the US has judged cloned beef to be fine for eating.

Now, I know, it probally is fine to eat. And I know, I'm probally over-reacting here. But I have three chief concerns.

1 - Do we really need to be doing this? Is there some kind of shortage of beef in the US? Last I saw my hometown, there were cows everywhere. And the midwest if full of 'em.

2 - Have we been doing this test long enough to know the long-term results? Just because the flesh seems ok, and the genes seem to be acting normal, that doesn't really mean that ten years from now we won't all get new, funky diseases.

3 - Doesn't this seem a little creepy to anyone but me? I mean, I know it's not "Brave New World" come to pass, but it surely isn't too far off. We're all still debating what GMO crops do and what they mean to everyone, including the soil that supports them (and can't be used to grow anything for several years after GMO crops have been there). Besides, this really seems like something I saw out of a Marvel comic book.

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