Thursday, May 03, 2007

Modern marketing~

I am often "shocked and awed" by some of the creative marketing here in Taiwan/Asia... take this underwear above, which apparently not only helps store your balloon collection, but also has a lot of stretch/support for those who want to wear it. ;)


  1. Saimon3:49 AM

    Hi Adam...Haven't seeing or being in contact with you for quite a bit and it's surprised to see this photo which, if I remembered correctly, was taken almost one & a half year ago when I met with you and were chating about the "appearance" of this huge ballon + *** at some MRT station.

    How's everything for you 'til now? Maybe tough still but glad to know you're getting along quite well. A couple times when I'm in your vincinity I always think about to give you a call and see if you're available to meet. Maybe we can do that while you're still here in Taiwan.

    Just wanted to say hi. Hope you'll see this message and wish everything goes smooth & well.


  2. Wow! Cool! I've wanted to call you 100 times but my PHS phone deleted all my numbers a loooong time ago.

    (I've since replaced the PHS phone!)

    Please call sometime! I'm still here, although my Chinese hasn't improved much!