Saturday, September 04, 2010

Taste Testing for Dollars~

When I first came to Asia, I used to believe that this sort of thing was totally innocent - "Hey, Asian people didn't realize what it looked like to the perverse 老外 from NYC", I imagined, " better to keep quiet and perhaps share a snicker with a few fellow 外国朋友".

5 years later, I still have no idea  if they know what we (come on - admit it!) see here or if they just see a model eating a hot dog-like thing.. but that's not really the sad part... I'm actually getting used to it!


  1. Oh,'s you! (And you are so bad, by the way! Ha ha!)

    How's the hobby?

  2. heh heh heh... things are very good here sir, and the hobby is goin' full speed! :)

  3. Excellent! It's good to have you around again.