Monday, October 31, 2005

Running to catch up...

Today is a continuation of the latest trends for me - with mid-terms approaching, it seems everyone is very nervous about what will happen to thier grades, and how well (or poorly) they will perform...

For my part, I've got a hold of all the assignments, but my textbook readings are seriously lagging. I'll be spending 2-3 hours reading Marketing and Finance today, in the effort to catch up in at least on of the two subjects.

Anyway, I'm trying not to be too nervous or pessimistic - actually, the reason I came here is to learn two things - Chinese and Business (especially business in Asia); I really don't care much about the grades on my report card or the cum GPA. I will admit that there is some sort of "pride" thing going on - I don't want to be the stupid American who gets all "C"s. Also, I think that the people over at the MOE will be annoyed if my grades are bad.

Still, worrying about it all is no good, and a 3.8 GPA with little knowledge is worth little in the business world. So, I will continue my current tactic... learn the concepts, understand the lessons, and let the grades be damned! :-)


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  2. what you really learn is the most important but so far, every company I have interviewed asked for my GPA...

  3. Hmm... that's true, I've had enough interviews to know the importance recruiters put on GPA... but a good GPA will do nothing more than get you in the door... after that, you better know your stuff.

    In contrast, an average GPA with solid comprehension of the concepts will serve as a valuable tool for years after starting your first job... whether I work for a big company or a small one is unimportant to me - doing a good job and enjoying my occupation is. :)