Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Things are moving along at a fast lil' pace here, and it's becoming harder and harder to screw off as much as I used to... :-(

I got no reading done tonight, and just barely managed to finish reading over the first version of my groups paper... not good Adam! I should have studied much more! I'll be making the effort to do so in the future (as usual :-S ).

In addition, I've taken on the initiative to practice chinese every day... it really is the most important reason for me being here... so there is no excuse in not doing it! On a bright note, I did manage to get an hour of Goo Zhen in today... and I made some breakthroughs!


3:00am - it is time to sleeeeeeep!

Gotta wake up early and start it allll over again ~ :-P

1 comment:

  1. oh..thank you sweetie... i wish to hear you talking in Chinese fluently so badly... You definately have the gift to learn new languages..you are so good at it!! It amazes me a lot!