Saturday, November 19, 2005

It must be the midterms...

What a day... I begin the day on the way to class... I think everyone must be as stressed as me, and anyway, they certainly are not concerned with their outward appearance. On the way to study in my nearby cafe, I saw a cute little girl casually fit her pink little finger into her nose to the knuckle. Needless to say, that woke me up!

Upon reaching the cafe I began to study, but on the other side of the bookshelf I was sitting against I kept hearing loud burping... we're not talking a "pop" here and a "hiccup" there... we're talking full-blown, downright wet expulsions of gas that reek of the bile they sat in during the overnight stay in someone's stomach. It was a bit distracting, especially when I found out the person doing it was a little old lady!

Then for lunch I went to a resturaunt to get some "San Bao Fan" - duck, chicken, pork on rice. I was chomping along only to see the "Meat guy" picking his nose while preparing the meat... I almost lost my duck all over the table in front of me...

An hour later I went to the computer lab to be treated to a boy burping (again with the burping) right next to me for at least 15 minutes... the best part... right when we both thought he was done, he began hitting his chest and making weird noises (like he was gonna throw up) only to do what? Let out some of the nastiest smelling burps this side of the Jade Mountain.

To cap off the night I met up with a friend to go to nowhere cafe... you guessed it... our neighbors... burp city... I know it must be annoying to read over and over, but I'm telling you, it's much more annoying to HEAR it over and over again... IN ONE DAY!

Maybe it's the midterms...

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