Friday, November 04, 2005


Tonight was a long and somewhat stressful night, to be sure, but it ended with me feeling some satisfaction. I studied for the majority of the night at the "Nowhere Cafe" - a very laid back, somewhat cool/trendy cafe that is usually pretty quiet and features students and young professionals clicking away on their laptop as they sip cafe and try to match the atmosphere.

In the middle of all this, I have found a casual, quiet, relaxing place to set up and stress out... :)

I managed to read a chapter of finance, although there is a huge list of terms I don't know and will have to look up in Wikipedia later.

After leaving the cafe around 1:30, I got to my bike and started home. Now, this is actually my favorite time to be up and around in Taiwan - the air is fresh and cool, the streets are empty, and I share the world with only massive roaches and the few couples huddled near fountains or the NTU bell (usually crying or kissing).

Tonight it felt so good to do something like ride my bike without anyone around, I started going really really fast... it felt great! The cool air is rare in Taiwan, but in the early morning, it is fresh and cool and feels good in your face.

I guess a lot of people were confused or annoyed by the crazy white boy flying through campus standing up on his bike and swerving wildly as he felt like it... as I WHOOSHED past the freaked out couples at the NTU bell, I felt the urge to let out a "WOOT!!".

But alas, the timid foreign student came back, and I just sat down on my bike and headed back to my room, first to write this, and then go to bed. :D

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  1. wow.. it sounds nice... I am happy to learn that you find your way to enjoy the life there. I like Taipei city in early morning too, but it was rare to me to have experiences like that....