Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm not one to say that the good ol' US of A is always right, and the others are always wrong, but even I am getting sick of Iran and their little monarch's stories, lies and cheap shots against... well... against the entire west, really.

So I was happy to see them finally get caught in their lies for everyone to see. To make things better, it wasn't even the states who caught them, but NATO troops.

Of course they have an alibi (this is a country after all, and not a 3-year old child... although I realize it can be hard to tell sometimes), but I think that it's evident to everyone what exactly is going on now.
A bigger question... if they are supplying Afghans against NATO, shouldn't one wonder if they are supplying their fellow tribesmen in Iraq?


Of course the best part is that regardless of how this makes them look, no one in the Middle East/Iran will probably care enough to do anything... they only get upset if you draw the wrong cartoons in your own country's newspaper. :-S


  1. "they only get upset if you draw the wrong cartoons in your own country's newspaper."

    I'd MOC it, but I'd kinda like to keep my head.

    But seriously, this is good that Iran's been caught in their lies, and even better that it was someone other than the US who spotted it. Sometimes it feels like we're seen as the boy who cried wolf.

  2. What?!!? You mean...Iran is not a child?

    Oh, how you have shocked me....

  3. seems like you having lot of fun in asia :)