Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Delicious Poison

... is your name Salty Fried Chicken.

11pm... 12pm... 1am... always this time of night... it hits... an uncontrollable urge for deep fried chicken skin, chicken butt and other random chicken parts along with tofu, hash browns, hot dogs - all buried in deep fried cilantro and stuffed in a plastic bag. You eat it by poking different pieces in the bag with a little wooden stick.

It tastes so good, and makes you feel so oily, heavy and bad afterwards...

... but I can't resist it!


  1. Heh heh heh... I think there was a little bit of "eeww" the first and/or second time, but after that, that fried greasy goodness just got too addictive to think anything but "I need it now!" :-D

  2. jenny2:59 PM

    I'm HUNGRY!!!!!! :Q

  3. Ha ha ha... Me too!

    Next time we are in Taiwan, we go!! hao bu hao? :-PPP

  4. ah yes... that stuff kicks ass!

  5. Ha ha ha... agreed! Unfortunately, my doctor actually forced me to promise her I will stop eating it yesterday...

    ... I had my fingers crossed :D