Friday, January 11, 2008


Another New Year's celebration in Taipei, staring wide-eyed at the famous 101 as it (seemingly) explodes in a terrorist attack of massive proportions - casting lights and sparks into the night air.

It's quite pretty actually.

Last year I went to 101 and stood in the massive crowd (think Times Square without the confetti or skyscrapers). That was cool, but VERY crowded.

This year was smarter - we went to a friends house and had risotto with crab cakes and some other good food they made, and the wii was beckoning to me from the living room.

When the "magic time" came, we went to the roof of the building and had an excellent view of the entire thing. Brilliance! :)

Happy New Year all! My resolution? To write in a journal and to be a better person! (I hope I can do at least one of these!)


  1. :-o

    Those pics are awesome! Definitely cooler than what I did for New Year's (though mine was still awesome--you just can't say no to the company of pretty ladies ;-D).

    Do you celebrate both the Dec 31/Jan 1 New Year's and Chinese New Year over there? When's Chinese New Year?

  2. Yep, both of the New Year's are celebrated - the western New Year's is when couples and younger kids all go off and do their own thing, and the Chinese New Year is when the family all gathers and eats/talks/stays together.

    Chinese New Year lasts for about a week in February, and is pretty boring, actually. :)