Monday, January 14, 2008


Ma Ying Jiou's party (KMT) swept into power for Taiwan in these latest elections. This can only be a positive thing for Taiwan for several reasons.

1 - Investors around the world were not happy with the other party's laws and inflammatory stances and statements towards the PRC. Laws passed by the DPP (the opposite party) encouraged independence at a high price - they seriously hindered and weakened Taiwanese Businesses and pissed off one of the largest, more ruthless governments in the world. In the long run, both of these are bad for Taiwan.

2- Whereas the DPP was angering China (and annoying the US) with its bold statements of independence, the KMT is interested in strengthening ties with the PRC and opening channels of commerce and trade. They believe you can want to be separate from the PRC and still do business with them. This attitude will help Taiwan's recently falling economy.

3 - The current president of the DPP and his entire family are wrapped up in a HUGE scandal that threatens to put the whole family behind bars. That really doesn't go far for helping the image of a nation and the confidence of outside nations.

Now, that's not to say that I don't understand why some people don't like the KMT. Certainly, they've had their own corruption problems in the past. Just two days ago as I was waiting by the bus stop a slightly insane woman was telling me how the KMT came to Taiwan from China after losing the civil war in China 50+ years ago and killed many Taiwanese, and forced them to speak Mandarin Chinese instead of Taiwanese (a dialect of Chinese). The infamous 2-28 massacre is the most striking example of this. (look it up if you want... I'm too lazy to place a link!)

But that was then, this is now, and the KMT is what is good for Taiwan - definitely. For the record, I think Taiwan should be separate too. I think they should be in the UN too (as the DPP brazenly pushed and campaigned recently).

But the mode you go about that cannot be to face off with China. That government would rather kill millions of people than look bad. The KMT has a better method.

Jia Yo Taiwan!


  1. All right! I'm glad to hear it. ^_^

    So are you eligible to vote at all? What are the voting laws like over there?

  2. Winnie7:31 PM

    I was wondering what foreigners think about this issue generally that which party is more likely to lead Taiwan to a better future. Do most foreigners think the KMT can be better to this island like you or the opposite?

  3. Heh heh.. no, they won't let me vote, which is probably a smart idea. :-P

    Hmm... I'm really not sure, but I think so. :-P

    I think part of it is because we all live in Taipei. Maybe if we were in another part of Taiwan, we would think something else.

    Still, I think most of them will think what I am thinking.

  4. Happy New Year! ;-D