Sunday, March 16, 2008

I can't view my blog (it is blocked by the Great Firewall of China), I can only edit and make new posts... so sorry for the way this looks.... I should probably make a blog posting about that sometime!!

Anyway, as you might all remembers, I blogged awhile ago about a toothpaste called "White Man"...

Turns out there is also a much more popular toothpaste in Taiwan called "Black Man" (In Chinese), in English it is called "Darlie".

It used to be called "Darkie", because Asian people thought that black people had very white teeth when they first saw them.

I guess they realized later that calling their product "Darkie" was not such a nice/good thing, so "Darlie" it is!

The thing that shocked me when I bought it was the Chinese - literaly "black" + "man". :-P

Anyway, looks like either "White Man" or "Black Man" make for good toothpaste branding! :-D


  1. ottoatm11:23 AM

    Heh heh heh.. interesting stuff, eh? ;)

    I seem to be somewhat unblocked now! I can see my blog, but can't edit it unless I do some tricky stuff... more on that later...