Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Memories

Walking around the sunny clear skies of Taipei... I remember this day, the air was not too humid, the sun was high and the sky blue...

Well now, I do miss Taiwan!

I can't say I like being in Red China these days, especially when i remember the friends I met and memories I had on that wonderful little island..


Good times, good times... someday I'll go back... if for no other reason, then just to see the old places I used to know so well. ;)


  1. I know the feeling... er, except not with Taiwan. :-P

    It's a bittersweet thing. I love it and hate it about the same amount, wanting those memories to happen again but fighting the tendency to dwell there. But perhaps for just one day...?

  2. hey,

    don't you miss syracuse at all? remember all the snow?

  3. Ah yes... snowy Syracuse (named "Snow City" in Mandarin, not Syracuse) compared to Tropical Taiwan... oh yea... I REALLY miss 'Cuse. ;)

    Nathan, you nailed it right on the head! This is the story of my life right now!

  4. Taiwan much be so much better. I'm so with you on that one.

    How's the Lego-ing going over there?


  5. Not so good Spencer, only have clones here ;-)

  6. Hello Adam! This is my first time that I visit your blog. I'm from Taiwan and study in Taipei now. When I read the articles you wrote,I feel happy and enjoy them.:)

    Thanks for the passion for Taiwan!