Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chinese Wing Night

Wing night in BJ Rocks!

The wings are all BBQ'd and then come in different flavors (a lot of them). Then of course you need the complimentary peanuts, veggies with some kind of vinegar oil (very tasty) and that funky tomato soup with noodle chunks in it... The salty fried chicken of my BJ is... wing night!

YenJing beer is the only choice if you have to drink Chinese beer... Tsingdao can kiss my &*% ;-)

Warning: I've heard all Chinese beer has formaldehyde in it... I do hope that isn't true. :-(

Warning (part 2): You should only eat this like once a month... it's really not healthy... but GOOD! :-P


  1. hahaha looks so delicioussss!!

  2. It's the best. :) I really need to blog more about food here!