Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cute Lil' Duck.... stomach

I was given a small snack by a coworker the other day and looked at very cute little duck on the outer-wrapper. I saw all the other coworkers happily chomping away, so asked them what this was - while the external packaging may have something like a "Daffy-Duck" smiling on the front, the inside is a bit less cute...

This is duck stomach... apparently very tasty (I gave mine away) but much less cute than the image on the outer-packaging - especially when one considers the time it's spent in it's package from the factory, to the store shelf, to my work desk, all in room temperature... Heavily preserved duck stomach... hmmmm....! :-P


  1. Eeeew, dude.

    Wow, you still exist?!?!? Awesome to hear from ya!


    P.S. Oh yeah, I'm Dr. Paleo Ph.D., just changed my name is all. How are you?

  2. I do exist! I am alive! :-)

    Hey Spencer - how are you these days!?

    I'm good, just avoiding stuff like duck stomach and trying to get better at all my current challenges... time to think of some new years resolutions...! :-)

  3. Adam,

    It definitely looks like you have an exciting career, duck stomachs and all. You're blog is great and has given me plently of insight.


  4. Ha ha ha... yea, it's the duck stomachs and what-not that will give me something to remember!