Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't Forget Your Purse!

Being someone who tries to be of the "modern world" and all that, I have made peace with (and frequently use) the whole "Satchel Bag" or "Man Bag" or whatever it is that people like to call it these days.


Coming into work one day, I saw three guys that made me notice a new trend (at least here in China) that I don't think I can ever embrace... Women's purses/bags being used by dudes?

Yikes... since I noticed it that day, I see it everywhere!

Guys... I realize it might be convenient but...  you GOTTA be a man on SOME things in life!

I know I know... it's a culture/gender learning thing right?

Yea, well, maybe for a reason, it's universal :-)

Suck it up and be a dude! 

We used to say "Don't forget your purse" when guys were whining and complaining.. I never thought it could actually be true!


  1. :-O

    Horrid! You are surely correct, my friend...I got into the man bag thing myself. It works great!



  2. I can't even bring myself to use a "satchel", even if Indiana Jones does use one. You got it right, Pull up your skirt, Mary and be a MAN!

  3. Heh heh heh... I'm glad to see that things in the states haven't gone in this direction yet... that would truly scare me. :)