Friday, September 16, 2011

Adieu to the Beijing Belly

As fall approaches and the summer days come to an end here in Beijing, there are a lot of goodbyes for this old foreigner to say, one of which is to...

The Beijing Belly

(There she blows!!!)

It seems to be a strange combination of the 80's half shirt and the clampits. What it lacks in style, it gains is sure boldness, pride in one's... body... or something... and a general statement of "I don't care what you think, look at my better side!"

It strikes when you least expect it.

Relaxing in the park? BAM! Beijing Belly

Riding in the cab? POW! Old man with hairy belly button coming towards you.

Crossing the street! ZAP! Tear out your eyes to stop the pain.

Sigh... the short skirts will be missed... the Beijing Belly... not so much.

NOTE: These are not my pictures... I tried many times to do it, but it just felt weird to snap a dudes pot belly in open daylight. But exist it does, and catch you it will....


  1. Emily R.9:51 PM

    Bahahaha!!! This made my laugh till my stomach hurt! Thanks for brightening my night! You are so right... it does indeed strike when you least expect it. Also, can I get an amen that it is weird how Chinese people (men and women, young and old alike) seem to go around rubbing, patting or smacking their bellies in public for no apparent reason? I find this unsettling...

  2. LOL!!

    I never really noticed that, but it's a good point! :)